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Commercial Coating

G.E.N.T.S' Enterprises provides a range of services for field joint coating and custom coating of pipe, fabricators, valves, bends, fittings, and various pipeline appurtenances.  Our services include the application of single and dual layer fusion bonded epoxy, polyurethane field joint infill, and solid polyurethane infill.  We also provides powders and liquids coating services to application surfaces, including carbon and stainless steel, ductile iron, and line pipe--including pipe fittings, fabricated spool pieces, and pipe bends.

We provide the application of internal lining and external coatings for tanks, pipe, structural steel, exchangers, and vessels.  These coatings and linings provide critical protection against gasoline, kerosene, alcohols, crude oils and natural gases and prevent corrosion.


Our installers are experts in various installation techniques and excel in challenging environmental conditions.

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