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Water Tank Rehabilitation

Water tank rehabilitation and maintenance work can be completed without publicly bidding the work.  G.E.N.T.S' Enterprises contracts directly with water tank owners. The work includes all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to ensure several years of water tank maintenance.

Our water tank maintenance program is designed and approved by on-staff engineers. We focus on water tank life, appearance, and .water quality.  G.E.N.T.S' adds a level of care and attention to detail that is superior in the water tank maintenance industry.  When a water tank enters our program, we are fully vested in the life and future of that water tank.  Our goal is to maximize water tank life, keep water tanks looking their absolute best, and make water tank management cost-effective, simple, and worry-free.

Maintenance Offered

  • Cleanout/inspection

  • Tests for hazardous paint, metal thickness, mil thickness of paint, and paint adhesion

  • Repair/welding

  • Abrasive blasting/painting

  • Disinfection

  • On-going maintenance, including annual tank cleanout

Your Benefits

  • Extended guarantee on tank work for the life of the maintenance contract

  • A single source to contact for all maintenance work

  • Predictive annual costs

  • Pleasing appearance of water tank

  • Proactive tank maintenance for cost efficency

Standards, Codes, Rules & Regulations

G.E.N.T.S' Enterprises will comply with:

  • Professional Engineers recommendations in review of all water tank maintenance service work

  • Federal, State, and local rules and specifications including:

    1. SSPC — The Society for Protective Coatings

    2. ASME — American Society of Mechanical Engineers

    3. ASTM — American Society for Testing Materials



G.E.N.T.S' Enterprises inspects all safety items on the tank to assure compliance with OSHA regulations.



Interior/Exterior tank maintenance includes weld modifications to ensure the tank’s structural integrity is in compliance with AWWA requirements.

Coating Inspection

G.E.N.T.S' can perform visual inspections, ultrasonic tests (metal thickness), lead/chromium paint tests, mil thickness tests, cross hatch tests (coating adhesion) and coating composite tests (determines existing coating type)

Interior And Exterior Painting

Complete tank refurbishing inside and outside ground or elevated water storage tanks

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