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Lead Abatement

Professional lead abatement is the safest way to ensure that all existing lead-based paint hazards—including lead paint, paint chips, and lead dust—are permanently removed from your home, commercial building, or government facility.  G.E.N.T.S' Enterprises offers safe and reliable lead paint remediation.  We can reduce dangers and ensure a healthy, lead-free environment.

Lead abatement and lead containment should never be taken lightly, no matter how large or small the job. It takes meticulous planning, the proper equipment, and a strict adherence to the many guidelines in place that ensure the health and well-being of both the workers removing that material and the surrounding environment.  G.E.N.T.S' Enterprises has the right certifications and experience to handle lead abatement jobs with care and safety.


G.E.N.T.S' Enterprises holds the required State and Federal lead paint removal certifications.  Through regular inspections, 24-hour air quality monitoring, careful debris and dust containment, blood lead level examinations, and constant review and re-education of all safety procedures, we are looking out for everyone both on and off-site.  While this is incredibly important when it comes to lead paint abatement, we bring this same level of commitment to safety with every job.

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